Toobit Referral ID

This Toobit Referral ID gives you a 10% lifetime fee discount and up to $9210 in bonuses. In addition, you get more benefits that will set you up to earn more from your trades.


Toobit Referral ID

In a market where a new crypto broker is emerging every day, Toobit stands out as one of the best platforms to start your trading journey. The site offers crypto traders everything they’d want in an exchange and more!

The best part is that if you start your trading journey today on Toobit Cryptocurrency Exchange, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits with our exclusive referral code.

So, stick around to the end to learn about all the benefits of trading on Toobit and what generally makes the platform worth your time.

The Toobit referral code of 2024 is: REBATE. With this code you will receive an exclusive and lifetime 10% discount on all trading fees. And claim up to $9210 in bonuses.

Benefits of using the Toobit Referral ID

We all need a little extra financial boost when starting out in the crypto world. And that’s precisely what the Toobit Referral ID REBATE brings to the table.

Using this Referral ID gives you access to a bundle of exclusive benefits that allow you to save big on every trade and enhance your trading profitability over time.

Our referral codeREBATE
Spot trading discount10% fee discount on transactions (lifetime)
Futures trading discount10% (lifetime)
Other bonusesUp to $9210 sign-up bonuses
Total discount10% on trading fees + other bonuses
Toobit referral benefits

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your account on Toobit using the Referral ID: REBATE to not only receive a life-long discount on fees but also have the chance to boost your earnings lucrative bonuses.

Explanation of 10% fee discount and USD Bonus

You get two very enticing incentives when you use the Referral ID: REBATE. The first is the 10% fee discount. That means when traders use your referral code to sign up on the Toobit platform, they will receive a 10% fee discount on all their trading transactions.

For every trade you make, you will pay 10% less in fees compared to regular users. And unlike other promotions that may expire after a certain period, this discount offers a lifetime benefit. As long as you continue to trade on Toobit, you will enjoy reduced trading costs indefinitely.

This discount can be guaranteed because Toobit gave us the choice to share the commission of the referral program. We decided to share the maximum of 10% of the commission, and this will be paid back as a cashback into your account.

Toobit also offers new users who use the Referral ID at sign-up an opportunity to earn bonuses of up to $9210. But as a trader, you must meet specific trading requirements to unlock these rewards.

Keep checking the Rewards Centre on the platform for tasks to complete to unlock the bonus. There are always new tasks, so check this section regularly to see what Toobit has prepared for you.

How to create an account using the Toobit Referral ID?

To create an account on Toobit using the Toobit Referral ID, follow these steps:

  • Go to your browser and open the Toobit website
  • Alternatively, download the Toobit app on your mobile device
  • Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top right corner of the screen
  • Enter your email and password
  • In the ‘Referral ID’ section, input the code REBATE
  • You will receive an account confirmation email shortly, and finally, you can log in
  • Complete the KYC verification, then upload your identity documents and a selfie
  • Make your first deposit and start trading on the platform
Apply Toobit referral ID

What is Toobit?

Toobit is a relatively new centralized cryptocurrency exchange launched on October 16th, 2022. The platform is based in Seychelles, but serves customers from all over the world. Also, it was built by former core members of the Huobi (now HTX) exchange.

Although it’s still very young in the crypto scene, Toobit is already making a great name for itself. The monthly trading volume already tells us a lot about the platform. It also supports a range of trading options, including Futures Trading, Spot Trading, Copy Trading, and OTC.

For spot trading Toobit is currently ranked 25 at CoinmarketCap. This is above WhiteBIT, BingX, BitMEX, Bitvavo and BigONE. For derivatives trading they are currenly ranked at 39, above CoinW and BTSE.

So far, the platform has also shown outstanding commitment to providing users with a secure, efficient, and diverse trading experience. It has different products and services that create lucrative means to earn additional income.

You can access over 100 trading pairs. Besides that, Toobit supports trading of NFTs, crypto indices, contracts, and options. On top of that, they have multiple bonuses, including a welcome bonus, affiliate programs, referral programs, and bonus tasks- all great money-making opportunities.

Why use Toobit?

Toobit is just the platform for you if you want to start trading with the confidence of a pro. Why, you might ask? The platform offers a hassle-free, secure, and highly rewarding crypto trading experience tailored for everyone, from novices to seasoned experts.

It equips you with all the tools necessary to navigate the world of cryptocurrency trading with confidence and simplicity. First, the platform offers you a seamless way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies securely.

In addition, it allows you to follow the strategies of leading crypto experts on the platform and copy their trades. And if you’re interested in derivatives trading, the platform enables you to access options like TRXUSDT and MaticUSDT.

The best part is that you enjoy cost-effective trading with low costs and tight spreads. Not to mention, Toobit is a security-first kind of platform. That means it prioritizes your security by employing advanced measures like cold storage, SSL encryption, and robust firewalls.

Pros of Toobit

Here are some of the reasons that make Toobit an excellent choice for your trades:

  • The Wide Variety of Passive Income Earning Opportunities: Toobit is one of the best platforms to earn passive income. It has products like Copy Trading, referral programs, affiliate programs, and bonus tasks that offer various ways to earn extra income passively.
  • Low Trading Fees on Futures Trades: Hands down! Toobit offers one of the most attractive options for futures trading. To start with, it has some of the lowest trading fees for futures trades. The standard fee for makers is 0.04%, and the takers fee is 0.06%. When it comes to derivatives and perpetual contracts, you get a leverage of up to 150X.
  • State-of-the-art Security: Toobit employs high-end security measures. That includes encryption, 2-factor authentication, and cold storage. That means you can trade huge volumes on the platform worry-free.
  • Easy-to-Navigate Interface: The platform has an easy-to-navigate interface that makes getting started less complicated for beginners.
  • Advanced Trading Tools: Toobit has several advanced trading options, including order books, real-time charts, and copy trading, which make trading on the platform exciting for pro traders as well.
  • Generous Referral Program: Toobit has a lucrative referral program that gives you rewards for inviting your friends and family to the platform. This allows you to earn additional income passively on the site.
  • Multiple Trading Resources: Toobit provides users with numerous trading resources and tools like videos, articles, charts, tutorials, and indicators to help them learn and elevate their trading skills. Also, the platform allows users to interact with each other and exchange tips.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: The platform has a reliable customer support team that ensures customer’s queries are answered promptly via Live Chat or Email.


Although there are many great things to say about Toobit, the platform has shortcomings. For instance:

  • Toobit is a Relatively New Exchange: Toobit is still pretty new to the crypto scene. And as much as the platform is doing great so far, we still need to give it time to prove that it’s here for the long game.
  • It Has a Limited Amount of Supported Coins: As much as Toobit has most of the popular cryptocurrencies and altcoins, some cryptos are still missing on the platform.

Toobit Referral program

Toobit has an affiliate program that allows individuals to make extra income by introducing new customers to the platform. As an affiliate, you get a unique link to share with your network on your website or social media.

Every time someone clicks on the link and creates an account, you earn an affiliate commission based on the trading volume the user generates. Many other factors determine how much you can make from your affiliates, but the commission rate can range from 40% to 80%.

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Toobit Referral ID and the platform in general.

What is the Toobit Referral ID?

The Toobit Referral code is REBATE. This unique code has exclusive benefits you will not find anywhere else.

What are the benefits of using the Toobit Referral ID?

Using the Toobit Referral code comes with several advantages. The 10% fee discount (lifetime) reduces trading costs, while the bonus financially boosts traders’ accounts. It allows you to accumulate more capital in your trading account and potentially increase your profits.

Is Toobit safe?

Toobit is a safe and trustworthy trading platform that state-of-the-art security measures to secure user’s assets.

Is Toobit registered and licensed?

Toobit holds a financial license issued and supervised by Money Services Business in the United States. That allows the platform to carry out legal and compliant operations across all states in the US and globally.

Can you deposit fiat on Toobit?

Toobit doesn’t support fiat deposits. The platform is ideal for users who already own cryptocurrencies. However, you can transfer fiat by creditcard and immediately convert it to USDT.