BigONE Referral ID

Looking for an opportunity to maximize your profits while keeping your trading costs low on BigONE? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With this BigONE Referral ID you will receive an exclusive 5% discount on all trading fees.


Besides the 5% discount on the trading fees, when you use the BigONE code, you will enjoy tons of other special perks. 

So, the referral ID of BigONE in 2024 is: G8D60KJH and will give you a lifetime 5% discount on fees.

Benefits of the BigONE Referral ID

BigONE Referral ID

You will get a couple of advantages when you use our BigONE referral code. Remember that this is an exclusive discount you won’t find anywhere else. Also, the benefits listed below are exclusive to our code. 

By using our code when creating your BigONE account, you’ll get the following advantages: 

Our referral codeG8D60KJH
Spot trading discount5% cashback on spot fees
Futures trading discount5% cashback on futures fees
Total Bonus5% cashback on trading fees referral benefits

Sign up now to start enjoying these exclusive benefits and lowered trading fees. But keep in mind that you won’t get the discount upfront. 

Instead, after every trade you take, you will get a 5% shared commission from our affiliate earnings. The 5% will be sent back into your trading account in the same cryptocurrency you used to execute your trade. 

How to create an account on BigONE using the Referral ID?

Apply the BigONE referral ID

To create an account on BigONE with our Referral code, follow these easy and straightforward steps: 

  • Open the BigONE exchange website on your browser. 
  • On the top right corner, select the ‘Sign Up’ option. 
  • To register your account, type in your email and password and press the ‘Get Code’ option to get the confirmation code in your email. 
  • Enter the verification code to Register your account. 
  • At the bottom of the sign-up form, enter our code G8D60KJH in the ‘Referral ID’ section. 
  • Now, you can start trading on BigONE and enjoy the additional perks that come from signing up with our referral code. 

Explanation of 5% discount on trading fees on BigONE 

When you use the BigONE referral code, G8D60KJH, you’re eligible for a discount through commission sharing. As partners, we receive a commission from users who use the referral code when signing up on BigONE. 

But instead of keeping it all for ourselves, we’ve decided to share it with you. So, after each trade you make, you’ll get 5% back in the same cryptocurrency you used for the transaction directly into your account.

Here’s how it works: without the discount, you would have paid the standard trading fees for your transactions. But with our 5% discount, you will receive 5% of your trading fees back in your trading account. 

That means you will save money on each trade you make and significantly reduce your overall trading costs.

What is BigONE?

BigONE is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2017. Over the years, it has established itself as one of the most trusted platforms in the crypto industry by offering users a secure and user-friendly environment for trading digital assets. 

Users can trade various cryptocurrencies and tokens on the platform, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and many other popular altcoins. It also supports thirteen fiat currencies, including the US dollar, Euro, Chinese Yuan., Brazilian Real and South Korean Won, among others. 

BigONE offers both spot and margin trading in perpetual contracts. It also has investment opportunities, from mining deposits to cryptocurrency staking. But if you’re a beginner, don’t worry; there’s also something for you. 

BigONE has a more simplified trading service and demo accounts so that you can continue practicing your trading strategies before making a deposit.

Why Use BigONE? 

BigONE operates smoothly, from payment methods to trading options and security. That allows users to trade multiple assets without any security issues. In addition, BigONE is available in four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 

The platform also supports over 140 cryptocurrencies for spot trading, four assets for margin trading, and 14 mining products, among other financial management services. But that’s not all; the website offers a Trading View trading terminal that supports over 80 oscillators, charting tools, and free trading signals. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; let’s look at some of the pros of trading your assets on this platform.

Pros of BigONE 

Trading on BigONE comes with a wide range of advantages. That includes: 

  • A Wide Selection of Cryptocurrencies: BigONE supports some of the most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens, including BTC, ETC, ETH, ERC20, and XRP. That ensures you have access to multiple assets to diversify your portfolio. 
  • Global Fiat Support: BigONE allows traders to trade with ease and convenience regardless of location. That’s because the platform supports 13 fiat currencies, including stalwarts like the US dollar and the EURO. 
  • Multiple Investment Options: The platform provides six different investment revenues- ranging from traditional trading to innovative options like lending and staking. That allows investors to grow a diversified portfolio and build a unique trading strategy. 
  • Advanced Trading Tools: BigONE has a Trading View integration that allows traders to access more powerful trading tools and charts. The best part is that it’s accessible via web and mobile, making it easier to access the markets on the go. 
  • Multi-lingual Support: BigONE is designed to accommodate traders from all across the world. Both the web version and mobile app support thirteen different languages, giving diverse audiences a user-friendly experience. 
  • Free Demo Accounts: The platform provides a valuable learning experience to its users with a free demo account. That allows novice traders to practice and hone their trading skills without risking their capital. 
  • No Minimum Deposit: BigONE has no minimum deposit requirement. That means traders of all levels can sign up and start trading. It’s a very inclusive platform that gives opportunities to both newbies and experienced traders. 
  • Low Commission: BigONE offers some of the lowest commission rates in the market, which helps traders maximize their returns from their trading activities. With the BigOne referral code you even receive an extra 5% discount.
  • Lucrative Referral Program: The platform has a profitable referral program that allows you to reduce your trading costs further. 
  • Attractive Leverages: With BigONE, you get leverages of up to 3X for ETFs, 10X for margins, and 100X for perpetual contracts. This significantly amplifies your earning potential.

Cons of BigONE 

While trading on BigONE has many impressive benefits, it also comes with a couple of cons that we can’t overlook. That includes: 

  • Complicated Commission Structure: BigONE’s commission system relies on points rather than trading volume or other straightforward factors. Unfortunately, that can be a bit challenging for some users to understand.
  • No Information About Licensing: Although BigONE operates transparently, there’s no information about their active licenses. This raises concerns about their regulatory compliance. 
  • Limited Customer Support: BigONE doesn’t offer a call center. That means if you face difficulties and are looking for an immediate response or support, you might not get it. 

Additional Info: BigONE Referral ID 

BigONE is currently doing a Futures Partnership Recruitment. You can become a BigONE Futures partner and enjoy up to 70% commission rebate. When you join the program and invite your friends, you will earn up to 70% commission back from all their trading activities. 

Also, you can get up to a 10% rebate on the fees you pay for your own transactions. That will help you save some extra money. Even better, your commission will be settled in real-time, so you don’t have to wait to receive your earnings. 

Plus, the data is updated in real time, ensuring you get real-time updates on your commission settlements.

What is the BigONE Referral ID? 

The BigONE Referral ID of 2024 is G8D60KJH. Use this code when creating your account on the BigONE platform to get a 5% discount on all your trading fees. Please note this is an exclusive discount that was organized for us by the BigONE affiliate manager. You won’t find the same benefits anywhere else.

What are the advantages of the BigONE Referral ID?

Anyone who uses our BigONE Referral ID: G8D60KJH will get a lifetime discount on trading fees by sharing a part of the commission we earn as BigONE affiliates. So, after each trade you make, you’ll get 5% of the commission back in the form of the cryptocurrency you used to trade.

Is BigONE safe to use?

So far, the platform hasn’t encountered any issues with hacking. Also, it ranks number 29 for trust and liquidity factors. That means BigONE is a safe and legit place to trade your digital assets compared to many other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Does BigONE have withdrawal limits?

BigONE doesn’t state whether it has any withdrawal limits set in place on its official website.

Is BigONE available for US investors?

No! The BigONE exchange is not available for American citizens.

Which payment methods are supported on BigONE?

BigONE supports cryptocurrency payments. Also, it accepts both debit and credit cards for the payment and deposit process.