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Earn $25 or $50 free CRO tokens when you sign up to using a referral code. Use the code below and read the guide to find out how you can use it to earn the bonus. 


You can use the code cw43qzpzxc to earn $25 in CRO when you sign up with it in the app. This code is valid in 2024. If you use the exchange of, you can receive a bonus up to $50 in CRO.

Benefits of this Referral Code

There are many benefits to signing up using this referral code. When you sign up using the code, you instantly receive $25 worth of CRO tokens in your wallet. You will also have your own referral link that you can share below in the comments so that they get their own $25 CRO tokens and you get as well. The earning potential is limitless.

Our referral codecw43qzpzxc
Bonus in app$25 in CRO tokens
Bonus on exchange$10 or $50 in CRO
Total bonusUp to $50 in CRO tokens referral benefits in 2024

This is the highest reward that offers and though other websites may promise greater rewards, there may be other conditions attached. You’re getting this $25 CRO bonus just for signing up and nothing else.

Explanation of $25 CRO Bonus Referral Code

A $25 CRO bonus just for signing up may sound unreal to you, but here’s the thing. is all about bringing about widespread crypto adoption. To do that, it has come up with the idea of bonuses that will encourage people outside the crypto space to pick interest. It is to this end that anyone signing up with this code receives the bonus, no strings attached.

With such an incentive, anyone is more likely to develop interest in signing up, which is ultimately for the good of the entire crypto industry, not just The friends you invite will also enjoy the same benefits, and you get rewarded with the same bonus for inviting them. 

Imagine an unending chain of bonuses piling up in your CRO wallet without you spending a dime, all you have to do is invite and earn.

How to get the $25 CRO bonus?

You may be wondering how to receive your $25 bonus. Well, you don’t have to do anything to receive it. Once you sign up with the referral code above, the $25 CRO is instantly deposited to your CRO wallet, no actions required. You don’t have to lift a finger in the whole process. 

For you to claim it, your referral must sign-up, pass KYC verification, and lockup CRO for a Visa Card. You’ll then get the bonus instantly once the referral has placed the lockup and has successfully ordered a Metal (Ruby Steel or above) Visa Card.

How to get the $50 CRO bonus?

Currently, you need to lock up around €350 of CRO to receive the $25 in CRO through the app. But if you use the exchange, you can receive an even bigger discount. When you stake 5000 CRO you will receive a $50 CRO bonus. 5000 CRO is currently worth around 250 dollar. Referral Code Bonus Example

Here is an illustration to help you get a better picture of the bonus process. Let’s say you received the referral code from a friend, Bob. You then use it to sign up on You’ll instantly receive $25 of CRO in your CRO wallet.

Assuming you then share your referral link with your friend Alice and she signs up using it, she will also instantly receive $25 in CRO and you’ll again receive another $25 bonus. If Alice shares her referral link with her friend, the friend receives the same bonus, and Alice also gets another $25 bonus. The more friends she shares her link with, the more bonuses she gets.

How to enter the Referral Code?

It is easy to apply the referral code to get your bonus. There are two ways you or your referrals can receive the bonus – through referral code or referral link. 

Use the following steps to receive by referral code.

  1. Download the app from the store that suits your mobile device
  2. Just above the “Sign Up” button, you’ll see “Invited? Add Referral Code.” Tap on it
  3. Input the code cw43qzpzxc in the provided space
  4. Provide your functional email address and confirm it
  5. Proceed with your KYC verification by submitting a phone number, confirming it, and submitting an identification document.
  6. Consent to receive emails and push notifications for receiving your referral bonus
  7. Look at the locked sign-up bonus on the Rewards page via the Home Screen gift icon or Lion Button Rewards tab and you’ll see your bonus there.

To receive your bonus by referral link, follow the steps below.

  1. Submit email via a referral link
  2. Download App from the appropriate store
  3. Sign up using the email you provided
  4. Confirm your email address via the App within 72 hours of submitting it
  5. Submit your phone number, confirm it, and submit identification documents to complete your KYC
  6. Allow email and push notification for receiving referral bonus.
  7. Look at the locked sign-up bonus on the Rewards page via the Home Screen gift icon or Lion Button Rewards tab and you’ll see your bonus there.

What is is a crypto exchange company based in Singapore. It was founded in 2016 in Hong Kong, and currently serves over 10 million users worldwide. The exchange provides a wide range of services including the Visa Card, the exchange, DeFi Wallet. and NFT.

The platform is known for its high compliance with regulatory requirements and robust security that makes it a reliable place for all things crypto. is built on the belief that it is the fundamental right of every human to have access to financial services without restrictions, and is working towards bringing this to reality by promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in any way it can.

Why use

There are many reasons why you should use First, the exchange platform is easy to use as you can carry it on your mobile phone wherever you go. Secondly, it has such a robust security that makes it one of the safest platforms to use for buying, selling or even holding crypto assets. If privacy is a concern for you, is a platform you’ll like.

What’s more? The platform complies fully with regulations guiding the use of crypto assets, making it a reliable one to use for all your crypto trading needs. You get the following when you use

  • $25 sign up bonus
  • Low trading fees
  • A secure and private platform
  • 24 hour service
  • A long list of crypto assets to trade

What is the Referral Code?

The referral code in 2024 is: cw43qzpzxc. The code gives you access to a $25 CRO bonus. By signing up using the code, you can instantly claim this bonus.

What are the advantages of the code?

The code doesn’t only give you access to the bonus, it also gives your referrals access to the same bonus. Anyone who uses it gets rewarded with $25 in CRO tokens.

Can I share or add my own referral code?

Yes, you can share your code so others can use it to sign up and enjoy the free bonus for themselves.

Share your own Referral Code

Below in the comment section you can add your own referral code. Please don’t lie about this discount.

Max bonus is capped at 25 dollar for the app or 50 dollar for the exchange.

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