HTX Referral Code

On this page, you’ll find the HTX referral code that offers you a bonus of up to $4078 and a lifetime fee discount of up to 90%. Find out how to start your crypto journey at HTX with extra discounts.


The HTX referral code in 2024 is rmsd3. Start trading at HTX with a bonus of up to $4078, as well as a lifetime discount up to 90% on trading fees.

Benefits of the HTX Referral Code

HTX is a global crypto trading platform offering both spot and futures trading. The exchange has over 45 million users in a lot of worldwide countries, but HTX is still looking for more, in order to make crypto more accessible to the wider global population.

Discount in 2024
Our referral codermsd3
Reward Hub BonusUp to $4078
Fee DiscountUp to 90% based on your Prime Level and holding Huobi Token (HT)
Total Bonus$4078 + up to 90% referral benefits

If you sign up using the HTX referral code rmsd3, you can claim a bonus of up to $4078. You’ll also get a maximum of 90% discount on fees on the exchange. If you’re considering using HTX for buying or trading digital assets, it’ll benefit you to use this code and enjoy the benefits.

Huobi rebrands to HTX

HTX formally was called Huobi, but rebranded on September 13, 2023 to HTX.

Explanation of the $4078 Signup Bonus

Huobi Referral Code

Are you wondering why HTX has decided to give away over $4,000 to you just for signing up? Here’s the thing, the exchange is looking for more users, just like every other trading platform. To get more, it is incentivizing its existing users to refer more people. 

As a result, HTX provides substantial bonuses through the Rewards Hub for both new and existing users. You can claim your rewards by completing various tasks. From just signing up, doing a KYC to make a small deposit, you can earn some extra USDT. For bigger traders, you also have trading tasks to receive bonuses up to 150 USDT.

You can also receive a 1500 USDT Mystery Box by sharing your referral code with your friends to bring them to the platform. By doing this you’re helping HTX grow, and the bonus is the reward for playing such a critical role.

The bonus of $4078 is a combination of many smaller bonuses. They all have different conditions for earning them, and you’ll earn each bonus once you meet the condition for earning it. 

Each bonus is directly credited to your account upon earning it. It is an automatic process, and you don’t have to do anything to complete it. Just sign up with our referral code, rmsd3 and after you can claim your bonuses.

HTX up to 90% discount on trading fees explanation

We’d like to thank you if you choose to sign up using our HTX referral code. Please note, that it is not necessary to use this code to get the $4078 bonus. On top of this bonus you can also get up to 90% discount on trading fees at HTX, because of the Tiered Fee structure.

Simply put, your Prime Level can increase based on your 30-day spot trading volume, 30-day futures trading volume, or total assets in USDT. The higher your Prime Level, the higher the discount. On top of that, when you hold Huobi Token (HT), you will receive a 25% extra discount. With a total over 90% discount on the trading fees.

Please note that reaching Prime Level 11 requires a very high trading volume.

HTX $4078 bonus example

Each time you meet the conditions for any of the component bonuses, the amount is automatically credited to your account. Please note that you need to accept the bonus firstly in the Rewards Hub and complete it fully.

Some bonus examples:

  • Signing up: 1 USDT
  • L1 ID verification: 800 USDT
  • Deposit any amount: 5 USDT
  • 4% of your deposit: up to 3000 USDT

How to enter the HTX Referral Code?

Signing up with the HTX referral code is easier than on most crypto exchanges. Follow the steps below to start.

  1. Visit the official HTX website.
  2. Click on the Sign Up button on the top-right corner
  3. Choose whether you wish to sign up with email or phone number
  4. Provide the option you chose
  5. After that, you’ll see an option for Referral Code which is optional
  6. Click on the button and enter the referral code rmsd3 and click Next
  7. You’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll continue and complete the registration
  8. The $4078 dollar bonus will be available when you meet the conditions

What is HTX?

HTX is a global crypto exchange headquartered in Seychelles. The simplified trading exchange allows its users to trade easily on their spot and futures accounts. Because of its simple design, users with different trading experiences can use it.

HTX is an exchange you can access from any part of the world. This makes it easy for literally anyone to access and use it. The platform also offers the $4078 bonus which you can access with our referral code rmsd3.

The code also entitles you to a 25% lifetime discount on trading fees, provided you continue to use Huobi Token for fee payments. There are also other earning programs such as Huobi Earn, which you can access.

What is the HTX Referral Code?

The HTX referral code in 2024 is: rmsd3. It gives you access to a sign up bonus of up to $4078. You can later also claim up to 90% discount on all fees for as long as you continue to use the exchange.

What are the advantages of the code?

If you sign up on HTX without the code, you’ll also have the listed bonuses. You’ll instantly be enrolled for the $4078 bonus, and the 90% lifetime discount on fees on the exchange.

Can I share the code with others?

Yes, you can share the referral code with others, including family and friends. They will enjoy the bonuses as well as you, and the cycle never ends, giving you a passive income stream

Share your own HTX Referral Code

Below in the comment section you can add your own HTX referral code. Log in to your account, go to My Referrals and copy your code under Referral Code.