BitMake Referral Code

Use the BitMake referral code below to receive an exclusive and lifetime 10% fee discount and up to 1605 USD bonus.


BitMake Referral Code

If you’re stepping into the world of cryptocurrency trading for the first time, BitMake is an interesting crypto exchange platform worth checking out. Besides offering traders incredible features to support their trading journey, the exchange also has lucrative bonuses and discounts.

That means when you trade on BitMake, you will get the chance to optimize your initial capital and, at the same time, maximize your trading profits. For instance, if you use the BitMake Referral Code AAAMIC during signup, you will enjoy a 10% lifetime discount on trading fees and up to $1605 in bonuses.

With that in mind, if you’re curious to know more about BitMake and the BitMake Referral Code, read on to discover all the exciting benefits BitMake has in store for you!

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Benefits of using the BitMake Referral Code

The BitMake Referral Code, AAAMIC, will help you save some extra money on every trade. This is an exclusive offer that was organized for us by the BitMake affiliate manager. So, these benefits are unique to the referral code.

The referral codeAAAMIC
Spot trading discount10% discount on spot fees
Futures trading discount10% discount on futures fees
BonusesUp to $1605, more about this later
Total Bonus10% cashback on trading fees + $1605 bonus
BitMake referral benefits

Here’s what you get:

  • Referral Code Bonus: Using AAAMIC when you sign up will give you a 10% discount on trading fees for life. That means you will pay less on every transaction.
  • Bonuses: But wait, there’s more! You could also earn up to $1605 in bonuses. These bonuses can help boost the capital in your trading account, giving you the chance to make even more profits.

How to create an account using the BitMake Referral Code?

Apply BitMake Referral Code

Creating an account on BitMake with the Referral Code AAAMIC is easy. Simply,

  • Go to or download the BitMake app on your phone.
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ on the top right corner and choose your country or region
  • Enter your email and create a password.
  • In the ‘Referral Code’ section, type AAAMIC
  • Add money to your account, and start trading.

Explanation of 10% fee discount + up to $1605 bonus

When you use the Referral Code AAAMIC to create a new account on BitMake, you get two very exciting benefits that can significantly help boost your trading profits over time. First, you will get a 10% fee discount, offering you an opportunity to enjoy reduced trading costs on BitMake for life.

That means for every trade you make, you will enjoy a 10% discount on fees compared to regular users who don’t have the code. And unlike time-limited promotions, this discount remains effective as long as you continue trading on BitMake.

However, you need to keep in mind that this discount is offered on cashback basis. What that means is that after you execute your trades, you will get 10% of the trading fees back into your account. For every trade, you will spend 10% less on trading fees than regular users who don’t use the Referral Code: AAAMIC.

We can offer this discount because we share our commission with readers. This way you can profit from a discount.

In addition to the fee discount, BitMake gives you an opportunity to earn bonuses totaling up to $1605. But to unlock these bonuses, you need to complete the tasks on the website’s Reward Centre.

That includes:

Sign Up, Enable Google Authenticator, and Join Communities5 USDT
Deposit and Transfer a Total of 200 USDT or More5 USDT
Complete a Single Futures Transaction of 5,000 USDT or More5 USDT
Have a Total Futures Trading Volume of 50,000 USDT or More10 USDT
Have a Total Accumulated Futures Transaction Volume of 100,000 USDT or More15 USDT
Have a Total Accumulated Futures Transaction Volume of 200,000 USDT or More15 USDT
Have a Total Accumulated Futures Transaction Volume of 500,000 USDT or More35 USDT
Invite FriendsGet up to $1605 USDT
$1605 bonus overview

What is BitMake?

BitMake is a top-tier global cryptocurrency trading exchange that was established in 2020. The platform was launched with the goal of simplifying crypto trading and offering all traders a more seamless trading service.

Currently, BitMake serves over 30 countries with spot trading, futures trading and lending products. In addition, it comes with one of the most advanced technology architectures that prioritizes the security of the trader’s digital assets and private information.

The platform also has a remarkable track record of uninterrupted service for over three years. Interestingly, BitMake is the only cryptocurrency exchange globally that can handle 1 million trades per second. BitMake also holds MSB licenses in Canada and the United States.

Why Use BitMake? Pros of Trading on BitMake

There are several reasons why BitMake stands out as one of the best cryptocurrency trading exchanges for beginners and professional traders. That includes:

  • Unified Margin Mechanism: BitMake has a unified margin mechanism that helps simplify the trading process for all users. In that, the traders can engage in spot trading, leveraged spot trading, futures trading, and lending and finance activities – all within a single trading account.
  • Unified Trading Account (UTA): A standout feature of BitMake is its Unified Trading Account, which offers a seamless and smooth trading experience. This professional-grade feature caters to both novice and experienced traders.
  • Automatic Portfolio Management: BitMake takes the burden off users by automatically managing their portfolios. This means users can focus on trading strategies without the need to micromanage various aspects of their wallets.
  • Multi-Currency Support: BitMake supports trading in multiple currencies, offering users increased flexibility.
  • Risk Reduction through Unified Accounts: BitMake’s unified trading account mechanism helps to mitigate overall liquidation risk for all users. Profits from different trades are used to offset losses in other trades.
  • Cross Margin Model: BitMake adopts a Cross Margin Model, allowing users to trade all contract products without the need to segregate funds. The entire margin supports all positions, and profits and losses are automatically calculated.
  • Reliable Customer Support: BitMake offers 24/7 chatbox support. However, you can also reach the support team on platforms like Twitter, Telegram and Discord.
  • High Trading Speed: BitMake is widely recognized for being able to process up to 1 million trades per second, even when there’s high trading activity on the platform.


  • You cannot withdraw your bonus under any circumstances. You can only use your bonus to cover trading fees, trading losses and funding costs.
  • It’s not clear what kind of licenses they own (besides the MSB license) and if they are operating legal in every jurisdiction.

BitMake Affiliate Program

On top of the benefits we’ve discussed in the pros section above, BitMake also offers its users an affiliate program. People can earn extra income just by introducing new users to the platform.

When you become a BitMake affiliate, you will receive a unique link that you can share on your website or social media. If people use the link to sign up for new accounts on the platform, you will earn commissions based on the trading volume generated by your referrals.

The best part is that when you join the affiliate program, you will get to enjoy daily commission rewards along with many other exclusive benefits that have been set aside for only BitMake affiliates.

The Affiliate Program represents an exciting opportunity for individuals and entities in the digital space to partner with a growing cryptocurrency exchange. By promoting BitMake, affiliates can potentially earn passive income while contributing to the platform’s expansion. As with any affiliate program, it’s important for interested parties to understand the terms and conditions before joining.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the BitMake Referral Code and trading on the BitMake platform.

What is the BitMake Referral code?

The BitMake Referral Code in 2024 is AAAMIC. When you use this code when signing up for a new account on the site, you are eligible for a 10% trading fee discount lifetime and up to $1605 in bonuses.

How can I view my bonuses?

You can view all the active bonuses you have received as well as records of all bonuses you’ve utilized in the Rewards Center.

What are the benefits of using the BitMake Referral code?

All users who use the code AAAMIC to create a new account on BitMake will get a discount of 10% on trading fees for life. On top of that, they will be eligible for up to $1605 in bonuses by completing various tasks highlighted in the Rewards Center. This is an exclusive offer that you will only get by using the code above.

Is BitMake safe and legit?

BitMake comes with a two-factor authentication feature that protects your account from unauthorized access. In addition, BitMake allows you to set anti-phishing passwords through the Address Management Feature. That restricts the addresses you can make withdrawals on. Also, BitMake has acquired MSB licenses in Canada and the United States, meaning it’s fully authorized to provide trading activities in these regions.

How do I withdraw my profits from BitMake?

To withdraw your funds from BitMake’s official site:
Click on ‘Assets’ in the top right corner of the home page
From the drop-down menu, select withdraw
Select the currency you’d like to use for withdrawals
Input your withdrawal location
Select a withdrawal network
Enter the withdrawal amount
Choose ‘Withdraw’, and enter your password and verification code from Google or Email.
Confirm the details and wait for your withdrawal to be completed.