Referral Code Crypto

Referral Code Crypto offers you an overview of the best crypto referral codes to get discounts, bonuses and other exclusive crypto deals. The referral codes are free to use in 2024 and will give you the highest discounts available. You can also share your own referral code.

Top Referral Codes of 2024

Binance Referral ID

20% fee discount (lifetime)

KuCoin Referral Code

20% fee discount (lifetime)

ByBit Referral Code

10% fee discount, $40 free crypto and up to $30k bonus Referral Code

$50 CRO staking bonus

Bitvavo Affiliate Code

€10 free crypto and 10.000 EUR free trading

Phemex Invitation Code

$4050 deposit bonus

Bitget referral code

10% fee discount + up to $5000 deposit bonus

MEXC Referral Code

10% fee discount (lifetime)

OKX Referral Code

20% fee discount (lifetime)

CoinW Invitation Code

10% fee discount + up to $1650 deposit bonus

BingX Referral Code

5% fee discount + $5125

BigONE Referral ID

5% fee discount (lifetime)

Coinmerce Referral Code

€10 Free Crypto (€5 BTC + €5 ETH)

LBank Invitation Code

10% fee discount + up to $255 bonus

BitMake Referral Code

10% fee discount (lifetime) + up to $1605 bonus Referral Code

$30 DFI Bonus

HTX Referral Code

Bonus up to $4078

CoinTR Pro Referral ID

10% fee discount (lifetime)

Bitunix Referral Code

10% fee discount + up to $5500 bonus

WhiteBIT referral ID

Up to 100% fee discount with WBT

Toobit Referral ID

10% fee discount + up to $9210 deposit bonus

Deepcoin Invite Code

15% fee discount (lifetime) + up to $100 bonus

When you use a crypto referral code, we may receive a commission. As a user, you neither pay this commission nor lose money on it.

What is a referral code?

A referral code is an unique code that indicates when someone has referred a new user. This code can contain numbers as well as letters. A referral code is most of the time associated with a partner program of a company with the goal to attract more users. The code serves as a tracking ID, allowing the company to know who invited the new user. This is a common way to attract new users and big companies like Amazon en eBay have programs like this.

Sometimes it is only possible to join a company when you’re invited by another person. That’s why we’ve started Our website makes sure that there’s always a crypto referral code available to join a new company. Additionally, a referral code often provides extra benefits to new users. So, it’s really a win-win situation.

What kind of benefits has a referral code for crypto?

You might be wondering, what kind of benefits has using a crypto referral code for me as a new user? Other than that you can join the company, a referral code comes most of the time with some interesting perks for you as a user. For example:

  • Discounts on trading fees;
  • Deposit Bonuses;
  • Staking Bonuses;

Often these bonuses are not given when you don’t use a referral code. Or these discounts are lower when you’re not invited by some else. We make sure that we give the highest discounts possible. With companies like Binance and KuCoin you can choose how much you give to you readers. This is based on commission sharing. On top of that, we can give some exclusive extra perks to our readers or higher discounts, because we try to discuss to share more commission.

Please note that not all crypto referral codes comes with a discount or bonus. We always show what bonus you will get when using our code.

What is a crypto referral code?

A referral code for crypto is an unique code that shows a crypto company that a new user is invited by the owner of the code. Such a code can give the new user more benefits, like discounts or bonuses.

Do I profit as a new user for using a referral code?

Most of the time, yes. With each code we show which benefits you as a new user will have. The discount can be higher than when you don’t use an invitation code. But it is also possible that the company doesn’t give any discounts.

Why are companies giving away referral codes?

The goal for the company is to attract new users. Both parties can profit from this.

What is Referral Code Crypto?

Referral Code Crypto is a platform that provides a comprehensive list of the best crypto referral codes available in 2024. These codes offer various discounts, bonuses, and exclusive deals in the cryptocurrency space. The service is free to use and allows users to access the highest discounts and share their own referral codes.

How do referral codes work?

A referral code is a unique identifier used to track referrals to a service or product. When a new user signs up using a referral code, the code’s owner may receive a commission or reward. The new user often receives a benefit such as a discount or bonus for using the code.

Are there any costs associated with using a referral code?

No, there are no additional costs for using a referral code. Users do not pay any commission and do not incur any financial loss by using these codes.

What are some top referral codes for 2024?

Binance: 20% fee discount (lifetime)
KuCoin: 20% fee discount (lifetime)
ByBit: 10% fee discount, $40 free crypto, up to $30k bonus $50 CRO staking bonus
Bitvavo: €10 free crypto, 10.000 EUR free trading

Can I share my own referral code on Referral Code Crypto?

Yes, users can share their own referral codes on the platform, allowing others to benefit from the offers while potentially earning rewards for the code’s owner.

How does Referral Code Crypto select and offer these codes?

Referral Code Crypto curates a list of referral codes by negotiating with companies to provide the highest possible discounts and exclusive perks for their users. They also ensure that the codes are up-to-date and offer the best available deals.

How does Referral Code Crypto benefit from providing these codes?

Referral Code Crypto may receive a commission when users use the referral codes listed on their platform. This commission is not paid by the user but is a part of the referral program of the respective crypto service.

Are the benefits of referral codes guaranteed?

While Referral Code Crypto strives to provide accurate and beneficial codes, it’s important to note that the availability and specifics of the benefits can vary and are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective crypto service providers.