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We negotiated an exclusive 10% trading fee discount on all fees with our ByBit Referral Code. And $40 free cryptocredit. You’re also eligible to activate the promo bonuses, which is now $30,000.


The ByBit Referral Code is: 40DOLLAR. This promo code will give you an exclusive 10% trading fee discount on the platform, $40 free crypto credit and the standard depositbonuses.

ByBit offers spot and Futures trading. Futures trading should only be used by experienced traders.

Bybit proof referral code

Benefits of this ByBit Referral Code

Using a referral code of ByBit has a big advantage for new crypto traders on this exchange and you won’t get this advantage when you use no code or (some) codes from someone else. Check all the benefits in the table below.

Our referral code40DOLLAR
Spot trading discount10% (90 days)
Futures trading discount10% (90 days)
Free crypto credit$20 after depositing $100 or $40 after depositing $400
Reward Hub bonusesBig reward bonuses (changes every month)
VIP discountsBy reaching VIP level 1, 2 or 3 you will get more discount
Total discountAt least 10% on trading fees, $20 or $40 cryptocredit plus dollar bonuses
ByBit referral benefits

ReferralCodeCrypto has an exclusive promo code to get a 10% trading fee discount on ByBit. Most other blogs don’t have this promotion. You can easily verify this promotion during your registration. Hit the sign up button and click on Promo or Referral Code (Optional). Enter the code 40DOLLAR and you will see in green that the promo code is active and the 10% discount.

You will not receive the discount on forehand, but after each trade. The discount will be a cashback.

Explanation 10% trading fee discount and USD bonuses

ByBit Referral Code small
ByBit Referral Code

First of all, we can understand that a lifetime 10% discount on the trading fees can be hard to believe. Especially when the trading fees are so low as that of ByBit. We will explain you how we can give a 10% discount with a ByBit Referral Code.

The promo code for the 10% discount is given by the affiliate manager of ByBit. He personally activated this promotion and makes sure that all new clients can benefit from this 10% ByBit trading fee discount.

This means that this is an exclusive promotion and not all partners (blogs, YouTubers, Twitter personalities etc.) can offer this.

The Welcome gifts and tasks however are for every new and (most) existing users. Everybody can claim these dollar bonuses when you meet the conditions. In your Rewards Hub you can find all the current promotions or add a ByBit promo code. Most of the time the bonuses at ByBit exceeds the $1000 and is now even $30,000.

Discounts will be paid as a cashback

The trading fee discount of 10% will be paid as a cashback into your account. This can take up to 24 hours and will be credited after each trade. You can get an extra discount by reaching a higher VIP or PRO level. This is calculated by your 30 day trading volume or the total amount of your assets (minimum $250,000).

ByBit Referral Code discount example

Here is an example how the trading fee discount on ByBit will be calculated. ByBit doesn’t have a native coin which you can hold to get extra discounts. For example you make a Perpetual & Futures trade as a Non-VIP market taker. This means that the standard fee will be 0.06% for every trade.

When you applied the Referral Code, you will receive a 10% discount on this trade. If you place a $10,000 order, you will pay $6 in trading fees. But because you used the code while registering, you are eligible to receive a cashback of 10%. Which makes the discount $0,60 and the total fee $5,40.

This might be a small discount in your opinion, but this platform is primarily used by crypto traders. When you trade crypto, you trading volumes can rise quickly and every discount you get will cut the total costs.

$40 or $20 free cryptocredit

The $40 or $20 free crypto is an unique referral code bonus at Bybit and only available through a limited amount of codes. The code 40DOLLAR will give you access to this bonus. The difference between this bonus and the Rewards Hub USD bonus is that the 40 or 20 USDT bonus can be used for everything at the platform. You can invest it in crypto, withdraw it to your wallet or use it to earn interest.

There are a couple of conditions, one of them is that you need to do a level 1 KYC. After your KYC you can redeem the 40 USDT:

  • Deposit at least $100 of crypto or fiat to receive 20 USDT into your wallet.
  • Deposit at least $400 of crypto or fiat to receive 40 USDT.

Rewards Hub USD bonuses with a promo code

Additionally to the Referral Code bonus of 10%, every existing and new user can earn bonuses, promo codes and cashbacks in the Rewards Hub. In this section you can get welcome gifts or bonuses by doing small tasks. Each task is worth a certain USD amount, which have certain conditions. When you activate the bonus and meet the conditions, you will receive the USD bonus.

Please note that this USD bonus only can be used to pay for fees, margin or other costs at the platform.

You can also enter a ByBit promo code to receive a hidden bonus. These promo codes will also be communicated on this page.

How to enter the ByBit Referral Code?

A referral code of ByBit can only be used when creating a fresh account. It’s not possible to add it when you already have an account. The only solution would be to create a new acocunt.

The referral code can be entered on the registration form on the website or in the mobile app.

  1. Download the ByBit app for Android or iOS or go to the ByBit website
  2. Click the Sign Up button
  3. Choose between email or mobile number
  4. Enter your details (email or phone number and strong password)
  5. Click Promo or Referral Code (Optional)
  6. Enter: 40DOLLAR
  7. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  8. Hit Continue

After you hit continue, you will need to verify your email or phone number. Your account will be ready after the verification. Since May 2023 a Level 1 KYC is mandatory for all Bybit users, including existing users.

What is ByBit?

ByBit is one of the fastest growing centralized crypto exchanges with spot, derivatives and margin trading. Officially, the company is based in the British Virgin Islands, but their office is in Singapore. Currently, ByBit has over 15+ million traders, over 800 crypto assets and more than 100 Perpetual & Quarterly Futures contracts.

ByBit offers also other financial services, like staking with ByBit earn, trading options and they have their own NFT Marketplace. The platform became really popular because of their high leverages (x100), ability to process up to 100,000 transactions per second and extremely low fees. With the ByBit referral code you will even get 10% extra discount on those fees.

Furthermore, ByBit is known for its easy and user-friendly interface with an intuitive design.

Why use ByBit?

ByBit offers a lot of different crypto financial services on their platform. What they offer:

  • Spot trading
  • Futures trading
  • Margin trading
  • Options trading
  • Low trading fees (lower with our referral code)
  • ByBit Earn: Crypto staking
  • NFT Marketplace: Trade, buy, sell and create NFTs

More info about the ByBit affiliate program

ByBit offers for their clients a referral program. Everybody can join this program and you can earn up to 420 USDT per referee.

For media partners they offer an affiliate program, this one is special created for content creators. Currently they have over 11,000 partners in more than 160 countries. You can receive a commission of 30% of the trading costs of your clients. It is also possible to invite sub affiliate over who you earn 10%.

Unfortunately you cannot share your commission with traders. But they offer a 10% discount fee for everyone who uses our link.

What is the ByBit Referral Code?

The ByBit Code in 2024 is: 40DOLLAR. With this code you can receive a fee discount up to 10% on the trading fees and $40 free cryptocredit. On top of that you can profit from the $30k deposit bonus.

What are the advantages of the code?

All visitors who use this referral code will receive a discount of 10% on all spot, Futures and margin trading fees. And $40 free cryptocredit. This is an exclusive offer. Every user (new or existing) can receive via the Rewards Hub USD bonuses with a promo code.

Can I share or add my own referral code?

Yes, that’s allowed. Share your own discount code in the comments on this page.

How do I apply the Bybit Referral Code?

To apply the referral code:

Download the Bybit app or visit the Bybit website.
Click on the “Sign Up” button.
Choose to register with an email or mobile number.
Enter your details and click on “Promo or Referral Code (Optional)”.
Input the code: 40DOLLAR.
Read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then hit “Continue”.

How does the 10% trading fee discount work?

The 10% trading fee discount is applied as a cashback to your account after each trade, which can take up to 24 hours to be credited. For example, if you place a $10,000 order with a standard fee of 0.06%, you will pay $6 in fees. With the 10% discount, you’ll receive a $0.60 cashback, making the total fee $5.40.

How does the $40 deposit bonus works?

You need to deposit at least $100 to receive 20 USDT or $400 to receive 40 USDT. Also a level 1 KYC is needed.

Can existing Bybit users use the referral code?

No, the referral code is only for new account creation. Existing users cannot add a referral code to their account.

What is the Bybit affiliate program?

Bybit’s affiliate program is for content creators, offering a commission of 30% of the trading fees from referred clients and 10% from sub-affiliates.

Share your own ByBit Referral Code

Below in the comment section you can share your ByBit referral code. Please don’t lie about the benefits.