KuCoin Referral Code

You can use our KuCoin referral code to receive a 20% discount on all crypto trading fees and other deposit bonuses.


The KuCoin referral code in 2024 is: QBSSS67Z. This KuCoin code will give you a 20% discount on all trading fees on the platform. This can be combined with the KCS Bonus on trading fees (20%).

Benefits of this KuCoin Referral Code

Please note that using a KuCoin Referral code when creating a new account has more benefits for you as an user. Even more benefits than when you don’t use a referral code. In the table below we specified which benefits you will have.

Our referral codeQBSSS67Z
Spot trading discount20% (365 days)
Futures trading discount20% (365 days)
Other bonusesPeriodically sign-up bonuses
KCS discountUp to 20% (can be combined with above discounts)
Total discountUp to 40% on trading fees
KuCoin referral benefits in 2024

We share the highest commission with our readers, a discount higher than 20% is currently not possible. Some blogs are promising higher bonuses, but this is simply impossible. Also, some blogs promise you a higher bonus than that they will give you.

The discount will be credited to your account in the form of a cashback, which we will discuss in-depth later in this article. Unfortunately, it is currently (in 2023) not possible to verify that you will receive the 20% discount by using a KuCoin referral code. We addressed this to the team and they will implement a verification soon.

KuCoin referral code proof
KuCoin referral code proof

Explanation 20% trading fee discount in 2024

KuCoin Referral Code

A 20% discount on an already low and competitive fee might seem unreal to you. And that’s understandable. Below we will explain how we and other blogs can offer you a 20% trading fee discount with a KuCoin referral code.

The given discount is not as you might expect and it is based on commission fee sharing. Blogs, content creators and community leaders, but also you as an individual can receive a commission when you invite new users to the KuCoin platform. This commission is a part of the trading fees that KuCoin charges for every spot, Futures and Margin trading. Trading fees are the way how crypto exchanges make money, which they invest in developing new products and marketing.

The affiliate program of KuCoin allows you to share your commission with the people you’ve invited. The standard commission of the program is 40%. You can choose yourself if you want to keep everything yourself, or if you want to share 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% with your followers. We have chosen to share the maximum amount with our readers, because we think that sharing is caring. This means that we share 20% of the commission with you, which can be activated with the KuCoin referral ID. Currently, the commission will be paid for 365 days after your registration. After that, the discount will be gone. But you’re free to create a new account.

Discounts will be paid as a cashback

A partner will receive a commission of a certain trade after the trade is made. Because the discount is based on commission sharing, the discount will also paid after each trade. KuCoin only knows the exact costs after a trade has taken place. When the partner gets the commission credited to his account, you will also receive you 20% discount. This can take around 1 hour after your trade.

You can check the paid commission in the distribution overview.

KuCoin Referral Code discount example

We’ve explained how the discount model works, but it is easier to understand this with a trade example. In this example we are planning to buy $1000 worth of a certain crypto and we hold KuCoin Token (KCS) in our wallet. When you hold KCS, you will receive a standard 20% off the current trading fees, which lowers the fee from 0.1% to 0.08% (Class A projects). So, the trading fee for a $1000 investment will be around $0,80, but everyone on the platform can receive this discount.

Now comes the special discount because you used the KuCoin referral code. As we’ve explained above, you will receive the discount as a cashback after every trade. So, of the $0,80 paid fees, we will receive a cashback worth of $0,16 (20% of 80 cents). This cashback will automatically credited to our account.

The normal trading fee of a $1000 investment is $1,00, but because we are holding KuCoin Token (KCS), we receive an extra discount of $0,20. After the trade we get another discount of $0,16. So, we got a total discount of $0,36.

Don’t get distracted by this small number, because when you start trading or buy more crypto, these trading costs can have an impact on your profits. You want to keep them as low as possible, to keep your profits as high as possible.

How to enter the KuCoin referral code?

As a new user, it is very easy to enter the referral code of KuCoin. When you already have an account, you can try to ask support to add the code. It is also possible to create a new account.

You can enter the code when registering an account in the app or via the website. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to KuCoin in the browser or download the app on your smartphone
  2. Hit the Sign Up button
  3. Enter your email or phone number and hit Send Code
  4. Verify your email address or phone number
  5. Enter a strong password
  6. Enter this code in the Referral Code field: QBSSS67Z
  7. Read the Terms of Use
  8. Hit Sign Up

After you’ve signed up, all your details are verified and the discount will be applied automatically.

Extra discount on the trading fees

It is possible to receive an extra discount on trading fees on KuCoin, but this is only reserved for big traders and/or whales. The extra discount is based on your KCS holding or your Spot/Futures trading volume. There are 12 levels and you start at level 0. To get to level 1 you have to hold at least 1000 KCS (currently $20k) or trade 50 BTC in 30 days spot trading or trade 100 BTC in 30 days Futures trading.

The discount will be around 10% on market maker fees. You can imagine that this is only for big traders with high stakes. Most individuals don’t get to this threshold. You can see all the levels and requirements on the website.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is one of the biggest exchanges in the world, not as big as Binance, but it is one of the biggest alternatives. The fees are relatively the same (a little higher), but the USP of KuCoin is that they offer a lot of small cap coins which aren’t supported by other exchanges. They list a new coin relatively quickly and let you do the research if it’s a good project or not. Other exchanges are more selective and only list projects after a certain threshold has reached.

KuCoin also seem to ignore all the regulatory rules of governments and offers a KYC-less platform. Where Binance has a lot of problems with regulation, KuCoin just keep offering products like Futures to all their customers. So it is certain that they will get official warnings from governments, but until then they will keep those products active (as it seems). A lot of European users use the Futures services of KuCoin, since it’s blocked on the Binance platform. And yes, the KuCoin referral code also works on Futures trading fees.

Why use KuCoin?

KuCoin offers a lot of different financial crypto services on their platform. Some of them are unique, others are available on other platforms.

Some interesting points they offer:

  • Spot trading
  • Futures trading
  • Margin trading
  • Low crypto trading fees (even lower with our KuCoin referral code)
  • KuCoin lending: Lend your crypto to margin traders (automatically)
  • Trading Bot: Automate your trading on the platform
  • NFT Marketplace: Trade, buy, sell and create NFTs

More info about the KuCoin affiliate program

KuCoin has an affiliate and a referral program. The affiliate program comes with the best perks for both parties and allows you to share the commission. You can just contact an affiliate manager to join the platform.

With the new revamped affiliate program that was launched in 2021 you can earn commissions on Spot, Trading and Margin trading. The current commission is 40% of the trading volume generated by the invited person. Unique of the KuCoin program is that you will also receive a commission on users that are invited by your users (sub-affiliates). On the affiliate page you can generate your own referral code and you are free to share this below in the comments.

On the affiliate program page you can chose how much commission you want to share. When you share 20% with your KuCoin referral code, you will get 20% of the commission yourself. So, it’s really a win-win.

What is the KuCoin Referral Code?

The KuCoin Code in 2024 is: QBSSS67Z. With this exclusive code you can benefit from a lot of perks.

What are the advantages of the code?

All visitors who use this referral code will receive a discount of 20% on all spot, Futures and margin trading fees. 20% is the highest discount available on trading fees on the KuCoin platform

Can I share or add my own referral code?

Yes, you can! In the comment section you can add your KuCoin code and our readers can use your code.

How does the 20% trading fee discount work?

The discount is based on commission fee sharing. When you invite new users to KuCoin, you receive a part of the trading fees as a commission. The standard commission is 40%, and you can choose to share a portion of this with people you invite. Our referral code shares the maximum 20% of this commission with you.

How is the discount paid?

Discounts are paid as cashback. After each trade, the partner receives a commission, and simultaneously, you receive your 20% discount as cashback. This process usually takes about 1 hour after the trade.

Can I see the commission I’ve earned?

Yes, you can check the paid commission in the distribution overview on KuCoin.

How do I enter the KuCoin referral code?

Go to KuCoin’s website or download the app.
Click on “Sign Up.”
Enter your email or phone number and verify it.
Set a strong password.
Enter QBSSS67Z in the Referral Code field.
Read and agree to the Terms of Use.
Complete the sign-up process.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange offering various financial services, including spot and futures trading, margin trading, crypto lending, and an NFT marketplace. It’s known for listing a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including small-cap coins.

What about the KuCoin affiliate program?

KuCoin’s affiliate program allows you to earn commissions on trading volumes generated by people you invite, including sub-affiliates. You can generate your own referral code and decide the percentage of commission to share.

Is the referral code QBSSS67Z the best available?

Yes, we offer the highest commission sharing rate of 20%, which is the maximum currently possible. Some sources may claim to offer higher rates, but these are not feasible under KuCoin’s program terms.

Share your own KuCoin Referral Code

Below in the comment section you can add your own KuCoin referral code. Please don’t lie about this discount.

Max discount is 20%.

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