CoinTR Pro Referral ID

Have you ever heard of the CoinTR Pro Referral ID? It is an invitation code you can use to sign up on CoinTR and claim an exclusive lifetime 10% discount on trading fees. As well as welcome bonus of up to $5440.


The CoinTR Pro Referral ID in 2024 is 1557qgqz. Use it when you sign up on the exchange to claim the 10% fee discount (lifetime) and a $5440 bonus.

Benefits of this CoinTR Pro Referral ID

CoinTR Pro offers a beginner-friendly trading platform with lots of bonuses to enjoy. The exchange is also highly secure, with a professional trading platform with cutting edge technologies. CoinTR is now offering new users several bonuses that add up to $5440. But if you use this referral code, you will receive a lifetime fee discount on spot trading fees and Futures trading fees.

Our referral code 20241557qgqz
Spot trading discount10% fee discount (lifetime)
Futures trading discount10% fee discount (lifetime)
Welcome bonusUp to $5440
Total discount10% lifetime fee discount + up to $5440 of bonuses referral benefits

Note that you don’t have to use this referral ID to get the welcome bonus. But to get the fee discount, it’s mandatory to use the referral. You cannot add this referral id later in the proces. Many influencers promise different kind of bonuses, but it’s not possible to verify this. Please check out the screenshot below that the 10% fee discount has been activated for

CoinTR Pro Fee Discount Proof

CoinTR Pro 10% trading fee explanation

CoinTR Pro Referral ID

Like on every other exchange, you will also pay trading fees at As a crypto trader you should reduce all the costs to a bare minimum. By using our CoinTR Pro referral code you will reduce all the spot and futures trading fees by 10%.

This is done by commission sharing. allows people to share their commission. The standard commission rate is 30%, as an owner of a referral ID you can decide to keep everything for yourself. Or share an amount with other people. We decided to share 10% with our readers, this is the maximum at this time.

This means that when you do a trade, you will pay 100% of the trading fees to CoinTR. Of this 100%, 30% will go to the owner of the referral ID. We as the owner decided to give 10% of this amount back to you. You will get this amount as a cashback after each trade.

Discounted spot trading fees

Level30d Trade Volume (USD)and/orBalance (USD)Maker (with discount)Taker (with discount)
0< 100,000or< 50,0000.18%0.18%
1≥ 100,000or≥ 50,0000.135%0.135%
2≥ 500,000or≥ 100,0000.09%0.135%
3≥ 1,000,000or/0.081%0.108%
4≥ 5,000,000or/0.063%0.081%
5≥ 20,000,000or/0.045%0.063%
6≥ 50,000,000or/0.036%0.045% spot trading fees with 10% discount.

Discounted futures trading fees

Level30d Trade Volume (USD)and/orBalance (USD)MakerTaker
0< 10,000,000or< 50,0000.054%0.054%
1≥ 10,000,000or≥ 50,0000.045%0.045%
2≥ 30,000,000or≥ 100,0000.0405%0.0405%
3≥ 50,000,000or/0.036%0.036%
4≥ 100,000,000or/0.027%0.0315%
5≥ 500,000,000or/0.018%0.027%
6≥ 1,000,000,000or/0.009%0.018% futures trading fees with 10% discount.

Explanation of the $5440 Signup Bonus

Why is giving away $5440 to new users signing up on its platform? The exchange needs more users on the exchange, so it is giving out these bonuses to attract new signups. The bonus is just an incentive for choosing to use the platform.

The bonuses are given to you when you meet certain conditions, or when you carry out certain activities. Please note that the money is often not available to spend in your spot account. However, you can use the bonus for things like trading futures, paying fees, and other utilities on the platform.. 

Once you sign up with the referral ID, you’ll be able to claim the $5440 bonus, which you can use to trade or carry out some other activities on the exchange, but you cannot withdraw it. The bonus is a collection of several bonuses, each with a different condition for earning it. If you meet the condition for any, it will be paid to the appropriate account automatically.

Each bonus is assigned as payment is made to your account through an automatic process. Simply sign up with the referral ID, 1557qgqz and claim the bonuses when you use the platform.

How to Enter the Referral ID?

Let’s say you wish to sign up on CoinTR Pro, and you come across our referral ID and decide to use it. You can then sign up and claim your exclusive 10% discount. 

If you wish to use the referral ID, just follow the steps below to enter it.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click on the Register button on the top-right corner
  3. Choose whether you wish to sign up with email or phone number
  4. Provide the option you chose and verify the method
  5. After that, you’ll see an option for Referral ID which is optional
  6. Click on the button and enter the referral code 1557qgqz, then click on Register and you’re done
  7. The 10% fee discount bonus will be applied immediately for spot and futures (keep in mind that it will be a cashback)

What is CoinTR Pro? is a crypto trading exchange that is designed to cater to all categories of investors. The exchange shows its bias towards beginners with its copy trading feature, which allows beginners to copy the trades of pro traders. 

This allows them to earn from trading while learning the rudiments of the game from the pros. The platform also gives pro traders the opportunity to earn commissions by allowing beginners to copy their trades. is an excellent platform to use, especially if you are a beginner. It focusses and regulated exchange, safe for crypto trading without fear. It also offers professional financial management services to help you manage your funds.

What is the CoinTR Pro Referral ID?

The CoinTR Pro referral code in 2024 is: 1557qgqz. With this code you will receive an exclusive 10% discount on all spot and futures trading fees. You can also claim a bonus up to $5440.

What are the advantages of the ID?

The referral code gives you an exclusive and lifetime 10% discount on trading fees. Without ID you will not get this bonus. The $5440 bonus is claimable for every new and existing user.

Can I share the code with others?

Definitely! If you have friends or family members who wish to use including a 10% discount, you should share it with them and tell them about the $5440 bonus the exchange offers new users.