CoinW Invitation Code

Are you planning to start trading on CoinW? Here’s an invitation code that gives up to a 10% discount on all your crypto trading fees. That’s not all! This referral code also includes several benefits that we will discuss in this article.


As a trader, utilizing all discounts at your disposal is vital to maximize your trading benefits. And that starts with this referral code. Let’s look at other perks you will get when you use our code.

In short, the CoinW Invitation Code of 2024 is 2386630. With this referral code you will receive a lifetime and exclusive 10% discount on trading fees. And you can claim up to $1650 in bonuses.

Benefits of using the CoinW Invitation Code in 2024

Using our CoinW referral code when creating an account on this platform will benefit you more than other regular users. Yes, you heard that right! Each account created with this code gets the following listed in the table below.

Our Invitation Code2386630
Spot Trading discount10% discount on trading fees (exclusive)
Futures trading discount10% discount on trading fees (exclusive)
Mission Center DiscountUp to $1650 in Bonuses
Total discount10% discount on your trading fees + up to $1650
Benefits of the CoinW code in 2024
CoinW Invitation Code

CoinW Invitation code comes with a 10% crypto trading discount on the platform. This discount is exclusive to the first few people who add it to their registration process. So, take the next step and get started with your registration as soon as possible.

Like any other platform, for instance, BigONE, CoinW prioritizes discounted accounts, ensuring you have top-quality experiences as you continue trading.

Once you hit that Sign up button and enter the invitation code, your account will be active. However, you will not receive the 10% beforehand. CoinW will distribute the paid fees into your account through cashback, significantly reducing your fee per transaction.

How to create an account on CoinW Using the invitation code

Apply CoinW Invitation Code

Creating an account on CoinW with our invitation code is relatively easy. All you have to do is:

  • Sign up on CoinW using our referral code/link
  • Another alternative is to go straight to CoinW’s website and click on the signup button.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Click on send to receive the email code.
  • You will be prompted to enter our referral code to proceed as you sign up.
  • Enter our invitation code: 2386630
  • And that’s it!

As I said, creating an account on CoinW is relatively easy. Even a novice trader who’s never interacted with a crypto exchange platform before could do it. All in all, for you to access all the perks that come with our referral, you have to enter the invitation code.

Explanation of 10% Invitation Code discount on CoinW

Typically, a 10% off, especially on a platform that already has low fees, might seem quite unreal to many people. With every single trade, once you’ve used our invitation code, you will get up to 10% cashback. That lowers your expenses per trade, giving you the opportunity to maximize your profit.

If you trade for example $1000 on the exchange, you will generally pay 0.20% of fees, which equals to $2. With this 10% discount you will receive $0,20 discount on your trade and pay only $1,80. But that’s not all!

Through the mission center, on the Future’s page, you get a chance to win a Bonus price of up to $1650. By completing the missions published on their site, you can easily earn an extra coin on this platform. For every trade opened using the Future Bonus, the profits will automatically reflect in your account once the trade is closed.

What is CoinW?

CoinW is a popular crypto exchange with its primary headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. The platform offers its service to over 120 countries worldwide and comes in different languages, including English and Chinese.

With this platform, you can make deposits in over 40 different fiat currencies, for instance, US dollars and Chinese Yuan. What’s more, the platform supports more than 1,000 crypto assets.

CoinW was established back in 2017 and has been in the game ever since. On top of that, the platform is properly regulated, owning a US MSB financial license, SVGFSA license, and many more. That goes to show you that this company is compliant.

CoinW Website

Why Use CoinW?

Apart from the vast pool of cryptocurrencies at your disposal, CoinW offers several benefits to its users. CoinW provides services in over 120 different countries, and the platform is fully translated into major world languages, including English, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and many more.

In here, you are exposed to a range of cryptocurrencies, for instance, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and thousands of altcoins in the market. Unlike other platforms, liquidity is not an issue on CoinW.

As traders, we are all looking for different ways to make money from the crypto market. And CoinW is the perfect engine. You get the chance to Spot and Future trade your favorite pair. The best part is that you can make money as a swing trader, day trader, or long-term trader on CoinW.

CoinW also offers mining services to its clients. You can easily make money mining your favorite cryptocurrencies on this platform. CoinW exposes its clients to an ever-growing mining pool. And don’t even get me started on the intuitive, user-friendly interface!

CoinW has a responsive interface that’s easy to understand even if you’ve never had any crypto exchange experience. All the information presented on the homepage ensures you have everything you need to start your crypto trading journey.

Pros of CoinW

Trading on CoinW has many benefits. That includes:

  • Access to an Extensive Selection of Trading Assets: CoinW has a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and hundreds of altcoins. The best part is that the platform is continuously expanding to give users access to more digital assets.
  • Multiple Trading Options: CoinW offers Futures and ETFs trading within the same platform. That makes it easier for investors to diversify and manage their portfolios.
  • User-Friendly Interface: You can trade conveniently on your web browser using TradingView or the exchange’s proprietary mobile app.
  • Competitive Fee Structure: CoinW has one of the most attractive trading fee structures, starting with a 0.2% fee for takers and makers. But these fees further decrease as your trading activity and volume increases and by using a CoinW referral code.
  • Variety of Cloud Mining and Staking Programs: CoinW offers more than traditional trading. There is a wide range of cloud mining and staking programs that give traders alternative ways to earn returns with their assets. These programs are even optimized to help traders manage their risks effectively. 
  • Lucrative Referral Program: Whether you are a new or existing user, you can benefit from the CoinW referral program. Invited users receive up to a 10% cashback discount on trading fees plus up to $1650 in bonuses. On the other hand, the inviters can earn up to $500 per month in extra cash bonus and $500 for affiliate referral.
  • High-Yield Venture Projects: CoinW also allows large investors to participate in high-yield venture projects and earn high returns on their investments.

Cons of CoinW

Although trading on CoinW has several advantages, there are a few limitations to the platform:

  • Limited Trading Options: Since CoinW mainly focuses on crypto-crypto trading, it has limited options for crypto-fiat trading. That can be inconvenient for users who want to trade their cryptos against traditional fiat currencies.
  • Doesn’t Provide a Direct Call Support Center: The platform has no call center for customer support. Users can only reach the support team via Telegram, Twitter or LiveChat.
  • Minimum Requirement for Low Trading Fees: CoinW has a minimum requirement to access low trading fees on the platform. That means you’ll need to be very active, which is unsuitable for traders who prefer passive investments.

Additional info about the invitation code

CoinW is looking for YouTubers, digital influencers, TikTokers, traders, and bloggers for their affiliate program, where both parties can benefit from the program. The affiliate marketer and the end user can both enjoy a wide range of perks the platform offers.

As an influencer, you can earn up to $500 monthly from their affiliate program. On the other hand, your customers get to share a part of the commission as they trade on the platform. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. The affiliate program is relatively straightforward to enter and allows you to earn high rewards.

What is the CoinW Invitation Code?

The CoinW Invitation Code in 2024 is 2386630. Use this code when signing up for your account on the platform to get up to a 10% discount on trading fees. This exclusive discount was organized for us by the CoinW affiliate manager. In addition to that, you will get up to $1650 in bonuses.

What are the advantages of the CoinW Invitation Code?

Anyone who uses this CoinW code will get up to a 10% discount on trading fees and up to $1650 in Future’s bonuses. This is an exclusive offer. To activate the invitation code, use our code or copy-paste our referral link while signing up.

Can I share or add my own CoinW referral Code?

Absolutely! Once you’ve signed up to CoinW, you can earn CoinW referral rewards by sharing your own invitation code with your friends or followers. You can also use this code on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to share it with more users worldwide looking for a CoinW referral code.

Share your own CoinW Referral ID

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