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Use our Binance Referral ID code to receive a lifetime 20% discount on all spot trading fees and 10% discount on Futures fees.


The Binance Referral ID in 2024 is: I38R1SSD. This referral code will give you a 20% discount on trading fees, up to $50 of bonuses and can be combined with the 25% BNB discount. You also receive a 10% discount on Futures fees (only the first 30 days after registration).

Benefits of this Binance Referral Code

Using a Binance referral ID comes with a lot of perks which you won’t get when you don’t use a code. The table below shows you the benefits of using our ID. Please note that we give the highest possible discount at this moment.

Our referral codeI38R1SSD
Spot trading discount20% (lifetime)
Futures trading discount10% (first 30 days)
Other bonusesUp to $50 sign-up bonuses
BNB discount25% (can be combined with above discounts)
Total discount45% on spot trading
Binance referral benefits
You are invited to Binance

Please note that some blogs are promising higher discounts or promise the same discount without giving it. As we will explain later, the 20% discount is in the form of a commission cashback. You can verify this discount and the amount yourself on the registration page. We advise you to do so.

If you used a link, you will see “You are invited to Binance. Get 20% off on spot trading fees.” When you use a referral code without a link, you will see “Your commission kickback rate: 20%”.

Explanation lifetime 20% trading fee discount

How can we provide you with a lifetime cashback with a referral code on one of the most popular exchanges with very competitive fees? We get this question a lot. We will explain this below.

First of all, the trading fee discount is based on commission sharing with our readers. As a blog or social media channel you can get a commission when you attract new users. This commission is based on a part of the trading fees that Binance asks for each trade. Good to know is that every user pays these trading fees, that’s how Binance makes money and develop their finance products.

As partner you can decide to share your commission with your followers. This is standard 0%, but you can raise this to 5%, 10%, 15% or 20%. It’s up to the blog or social media channel how much commission they will share. We raised this to the highest possible commission sharing of 20%. So, in essence we share 20% trading fee commission with our readers, that will result in a Binance referral ID with a 20% fee discount. The commission is paid for life, so the 20% fee discount will also be for life.

Discounts will be paid in the form of a cashback

Binance Referral ID small

As you can imagine, commissions on trading fees will be paid after a trade has filled. Binance can’t know on forehand what the exact commission will be charged after the trade. This is why you won’t see or receive your 20% discount on forehand. The 20% trading fee discount will be paid after each trade, exactly at the time the commission is paid. This is generally around 1 hour after each trade.

You can check and verify your discount on the Referral page of Binance. Just scroll to the section: Commission Fees Shared With You, and you will see all the shared commissions. Please note that Binance will do this automatically and we don’t have an influence on this.

Binance Referral ID discount example

Now we’ve explained how the discount works, we will also give you a discount example. For instance, you buy $1000 worth of Solana (SOL) and you hold a little bit of Binance Coin (BNB) in your wallet. Because you hold BNB, the Binance trading fees will be reduced from 0.10% to 0.075%. This means that you will pay around $0,75 of trading fees for this trade. This is the standard discount everyone can get.

Because you used our Binance referral ID with 20% discount, you are eligible for a 20% cashback after your trade. Binance charged you $0,75 for this trade, but you will get 20% of this back. 20% of $0,75 is $0,15, which they will automatically credit to your account. So, in stead of the $1,00 trading fee (standard commission without holding BNB), you are only charged $0,60 of trading fees. On the referral page there’s an overview of all the discounts.

When you’re actively trading, your trading volume can rise really quick. This example shows the commission cashback of 1 trade, but you can imagine what you can save in the long term with a Binance referral code.

How to enter the Binance Referral Code?

It’s is quite easy to enter your Binance referral ID on the website or in the mobile app. But please note that this is only possible when you create a new account with an unique email address or mobile number.

  1. Go to the Binance website or download the app on your smartphone
  2. Hit the Register button
  3. Enter an unique mail address or phone number
  4. Go to the next step
  5. Enter this ID in the Referral ID field: I38R1SSD
  6. Hit Register

Verify your account with your email address or phone number. After this, the discount with the referral code is successfully applied.

Extra discount on Binance trading fees

As a serious trader you can get an even higher trading fee discount. This discount is available for all traders and is based on your trading volume and BNB holdings. So, there’s no need to use our Binance referral code to get this discount.

We say serious traders, because the discount starts from a trading volume of 1.000.000 BUSD in the last 30 days and a holding of 25 BNB (currently over $10k). These are serious amounts, but you can lower the trading fees as low as 0.0150%.

What is Binance?

Binance is the worlds greatest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume and financial crypto products. The platform offers standard crypto spot trading with low trading fees and many other trading products, like Futures and options trading. As you can read on this page, you can receive an extra discount on those trading by using a Binance referral ID.

Binance became popular because of their low costs, good marketing and fast development of new products. A lot of other platforms copy their financial products, but there are no cheaper alternatives. Since the introduction of this exchange, Binance is breaking new records in terms of volume and new users. Since they are the biggest exchange in the world, they are often used as an example for regulatory rules. Binance is trying hard to get compliant for each part of the world.

End of 2023 Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) stepped down as CEO to settle with the charges of the United States. The new CEO of Binance will be Richard Teng, former Global Head of Regional Markets for Binance.

Why use Binance?

Binance offers a lot of financial products which can benefit the more experienced crypto trader, but also a crypto investor.

Some interesting points they offer:

  • Spot trading
  • Futures trading
  • Options trading
  • Lowest fee in the market (even lower with our Binance referral ID)
  • Extremely high liquidity (they even supply liquidity for other big exchanges/brokers)
  • Binance Earn: Staking rewards on a lot of different cryptos
  • Binance VISA card: Spend your crypto in VISA supported stores (not available in Europe since 2023)
  • Launchpad: Invest in new projects reviewed by Binance
  • NFT Marketplace: Trade, buy, sell and create NFTs

More info about the Binance affiliate program

It’s good to know that everybody can generate their own Binance referral code and join the Binance affiliate program. Just go to the referral page to generate your own ID and you can add your own Binance code below. This way our visitors can use your referral ID.

Keep in mind that not everybody can give a 20% discount, this is based on the amount of BNB you hold and if you can invite a certain amount of users. The standard commission is 20%, but can be raised to 40% when you join the affiliate program (and get accepted). After that you can share 20% with other users, the inviter will receive the other 20%.

What is the Binance Referral ID?

The Binance referral ID of 2024 is: I38R1SSD. This is an unique and exclusive code which comes with a lot of benefits.

What are the advantages of the code?

Everyone who uses this code receives a lifetime 20% discount on all spot trading fees. On top of that you will receive a 10% discount on Futures trading (first 30 days) and you have a sign-up bonus up to $50.

Can I share or add my own referral ID?

Yes! In the comments you can add your own referral id. You can also choose to use an ID of one of our readers.

How does the lifetime 20% trading fee discount work?

A: The 20% discount is a form of commission cashback shared with users. It’s a part of the trading fees that Binance charges, shared back with the user who used the referral ID.

Will I receive discounts in cashback form?

Yes, the discounts are paid as cashback after each trade, usually within an hour of the trade’s completion.

How can I verify my discount on Binance?

You can verify your discount during the registration. And after registration in the ‘Commission Fees Shared With You’ section on the Binance Referral page.

Can you provide an example of how the Binance Referral ID discount works?

For example, if you buy $1000 worth of Solana (SOL) and hold BNB, your trading fee might be around $0.75. With the 20% referral discount, you’ll get $0.15 back, reducing your effective trading fee to $0.60.

How do I enter the Binance Referral Code?

When registering on the Binance website or app, enter the code I38R1SSD in the Referral ID field. This is only possible when creating a new account.

Are there extra discounts for serious traders on Binance?

Yes, serious traders can get additional discounts based on their trading volume and BNB holdings, potentially reducing fees to as low as 0.0150%.

Why should I use Binance?

Binance offers low trading fees, high liquidity, a range of financial products like Futures and Options trading, staking rewards, a Binance VISA card, and an NFT marketplace.

What is the maximum discount I can get with a Binance Referral ID?

The maximum discount is capped at 20%.

Share your own Binance Referral ID

Below in the comment section you can add your own Binance referral code. Please don’t lie about this discount.

Max discount is capped at 20%.

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